It's a celebration kids, for after years of talk, a searchable online version of the Scratch store is now here and at your fingertips. Welcome, look around, witness the site being built each and every day, and go shopping. It's true, it's true, there are many missing descriptions and graphics, but rest assured that the pieces of the puzzle will be filled in each and every day. Scanning 22000 items takes time, as does describing them. A brief overview: Search and shop at our store for good prices, knowledgeable information, and competent service you can trust. Visit the Scratch Label pages for more in depth information about artists and their releases. Visit our Exclusive Label pages for the lowdown on, you guessed it, our exclusive and semi exclusive labels. Visit our Links area for music resources and just plain old things on the www that amuse and entertain us. Get kranky and sweaty at our Message Board where you can gab about independent music and make enemies. For the freshest of the fresh, check out the week's new releases on the What's Hot page. For the brave, click on Kickdogs to find out more about the folks who "work" at Scratch and their dubious tastes and interests. Or maybe to see our pets. Like more of this witty and informative diatribe? Then click on FAQ/Help I repeat, many areas are still under construction, so if there is any further lowdown you require, email us. R O C to the K.