Here at Scratch we not so sadly invest precious few hours scanning the web; who has the time when there are orders to fill, scenesters to hang up on, and 9 hours of curling on TV every day in the early spring to compete with? But just because our browsers are dusty don't think we're down on the Net friends…here are a select few precious web sites that have amused or nourished us in some sense. If any of these links lead to anything construed as offensive, well remember it's their content not ours. Changing the channel is easy! And fun!

I recently blew a full half hour at work discovering that Night Ranger's drummer is now part of the Tommy Shaw-less Damn Yankees, that Larry Gowan is fitting in nicely as the new singer in Styx, that Gary Richrath (the axe-master with the trouser cucumber) has quit REO Speedwagon (that suggests correctly they still exist), that RICK SPRINGFIELD HAS GONE INDIE!…If the talent that was Whitesnake, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Kansas, Journey, Survivor, Dokken, Asia, and Brighton Rock makes you chuckle remembering when these bands were hot, well the notion of what they and their fans are up to in the year 2000 is mind-boggling.

The Official Judas Iscariot web site.

Anyone who drops by our office will tell you there's an equal chance we'll have some Black Metal playing as much as there is a chance you'll hear the Pet Shop Boys and Tears For Fears coming from the downstairs warehouse. But not just any Black Metal will do. Check out the unintentionally hilarious diatribes of Judas Iscariot, our very favorite murderous metaller who when not wishing death and mayhem to us weak types, offers numerous great recordings that highlight his, er…"drumming".

It says it all right there. Do you know who writes the majority of our sassy and classy record and CD descriptions every week? It's a man better known as Slopey Joe, the Peanut Butter Boy...and this site is a tribute to him. In case you're wondering, Slopey most closely resembles a number 42 style mullet.
42 is the shit (great hobbies). Keep your eyes peeled for the Robot on in the coming weeks. -Peanut Butter Boy

I may not have the peaceful easy feeling attitude of some folks who spend their time 'surfing' the web for good times but every once in a while I need a little workday chuckle. Thank heavens for the folks at Stereolaffs, not only for bringing the world one of our favorite releases of last year (the Rock, Rot & Rule CD cave dwellers and/or serious music fans) but also for putting up this website and only updating once every 3-6 months, which is about how often I bother with such nonsense. Read about future ventures of the Sterolaffs empire, about Grandfather/bank Claude's fondness for the boy's industriousness and about the cut throat Western Maine music scene...are those tears of laughter or pain running down my face, I can't tell anymore.

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